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Parakaleho Wellness Centre

A Christian based recuperation centre to get you back up on your feet again.

Support you can trust

Our vision came about because of our own experiences. Both my husband and I have overcome addictive behaviours, which made life more difficult than it needed to be. We both got to a place of being sick, angry and nasty at each other and everyone else. While Jesus changed our lives, and through his amazing love and support we do have a good life today, we will not impose our belief’s upon anyone. While we do believe his words in the bible are powerful and true and can change anyone, no matter what you’ve done or where you’ve been; we will not burden you with religious rules or expectations, only support you with gentleness, guidance and encouragement within a peaceful environment.

Guaranteed added value

The environment is a valuable asset for any therapy, whether just recuperating from societal pressures or detoxing from addictions. Our proposed property is located only minutes from good quality facilities; including lismore with a newly advanced mental health facility and a very popular university. Ballina is only an hour away with some of australia’s best beaches and fishing spots. Apart from the abundance of fresh air and open spaces, the home grown fruit and vegies is a real treat compared to the commercial varieties. The cattle mustering is loads of fun using utes and trail bikes; with additional opportunities existing for gaining experience/skills in co-operating in different kinds of market farming etc. Finally will be a computer room with internet accessibility and a music room which is fully equipped with all the gear to learn to play an instrument or to playfully record your own music cd. All of the activities mentioned above are professionally recognized as valuable therapeutic tools.